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The Low Down on Wii’s TVii

One of the most interesting new features of the Wii U that Nintendo has revealed is called Nintendo TVii. Basically it is TV turned social. Nintendo has made it possible to utilize the Wii U as a portal to all of your video and TV services. Some of the services that can be accessed directly on the Wii U using the GamePad’s touch screen interface include Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon, and YouTube. You can use the GamePad to search and browse content from satellite and cable channels, shows recorded on your TiVo, and the aforementioned video on demand services. After finding content to watch, you can view it then, or set your DVR to record it, using the GamePad as the interface.
Prior to selecting to play content on your television, you will be able to view all possible content on the GamePad’s touch screen. Therefore, Nintendo is billing it as a secondary screen service. You can log into varied accounts, search, and playback on the television using your GamePad.
A fascinating attribute of the new Nintendo TVii is called “Moments”. As you are viewing content, the GamePad takes screenshots of certain moments, and displays them on the GamePad. These can then be accessed to reveal more information about the content, and can be shared with other users. The user can scroll through the moments just like paging through one’s albums on and iPod or iPhone. The player can use his finger to swipe across the face of the touch screen, moving the pictures of moments by left to right. For sports programming, Nintendo adjusted the moments feature to address the myriad of kinds and volume of information. For instance, while watching a football game, the GamePad will create moments including a screen capture, along with game stats, individual player stats, and scores from around the league.
Another aspect of Nintendo TVii featured in the Wii U, is Nintendo’s effort to socialize your viewing of content. The GamePad allows users to pause content, and discuss said content with their friends. There is a virtual keyboard, and access to your social networks, all through the GamePad. At launch, this service will only be available in Canada or the United States for gamers with a broadband wireless connection to the internet. It truly will be a fascinating experience to watch a game on Nintendo TVii, while talking with friends about the game through the Wii U GamePad.
Maybe you just want to look up some information on the internet, whether or not it pertains to what you are viewing. You can pause the content you are watching to devote your full attention to the internet, or you can keep your programming playing and view your internet site on the fly.
The programming you watch is also tracked and entered in your profile. Unlike the TiVo system, no recommendations are forthcoming from Nintendo TVii regarding what content to watch. However, Nintendo TVii will display your watching preferences and interests, all created from the Nintendo TVii experience.
At the outset, Nintendo TVii will only be an option for United States and Canadian Wii U owners, but the markets will most likely increase to include countries in Europe as well. One important aspect Nintendo touts is that the TVii service is totally free to Wii U owners. Monthly fees for certain streaming services may still pertain, but gaining access through Nintendo TVii costs nothing.
Is Nintendo TVii a deciding factor for purchasing the Nintendo Wii U? The ease of use and the intuition with which one operates the system will matter the most. However, now owners of the older Wii system have yet another feature to entice them to buy the Nintendo Wii U.

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