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Will Wii U Be The New Home Of Indie Games

The list of games that will be available in the launch window for the Wii U is impressive however what is even more impressive is Nintendo is working toward a new reality where indie games have their place, too. Broken Rules from developer Chasing Aurora, Pawnee Studios’ Cloudberry Kingdom, and Tomorrow Corporation’s Little Inferno aren’t garnering as much press as many of the other games coming for Wii U. However, all three developers have stated that they will be released in November, along with the Wii U’s release date November 18.
Martin Pichlmair, a game programmer at Broken Rules, said they are working very hard to launch Chasing Aurora. He confirms that they have not made public commitments to any other platforms as of yet. The game is a puzzle platform about flight. The player, who is a member of the mysterious bird people in the Austrian Alps, must perform in aerial games. It can be played by singles, but it’s designed to mainly be a multiplayer.
TJ Lutz, who co-founded Pawnee Studios has said that they are pumping up the throttle to get Wii U indie game, Cloudberry ready for the launch date of the Wii U. Lutz joked that if they run out of caffeine, they might miss the date by a week or so, but he assured me that they will do everything they can to make that target date. Lutz also mentioned that the game will be launching on many other platforms, including PC, but the list of platforms will not be revealed until later this month. He told me the game is downloadable to the Wii U, and said it was a combination of Tetris and Super Mario Brothers. He explained that he tried to design different levels for every player, but that task became too involved. So he says they created an artificial intelligence to design the levels, so it could create infinite levels forever. The end product, he proudly states, is an unending array of levels perfect for all skills from beginner to super pro.
Kyle Gabler, creator of Little Inferno, said they will launch when you can buy the Wii U on November 18, along with PC, followed by Mac and Linux platforms. He didn’t want to reveal too much about the game, but it’s set in a cold, snowy world, where children buy toys and play with them in conjunction with a Little Inferno Fireplace. Sometimes it is explosive, surprising, or adorable. However, he said, it is impossible to accurately describe all aspects of the game, and part of the enjoyment is finding out what’s going on.
Indie developers love working with Nintendo, creator of some of the best known video games in history. Lutz, Gabler, and Pichlmair all said they were amazed to be launching with the Nintendo Wii U. “It’s so strange taking meetings with Nintendo, the company that released Donkey Kong and Mario,” said Lutz. “But”, he added, “launching their brand new system is really crazy. We are just so proud to be a part of it.” He also said that he was blown away by the amount of energy Nintendo is putting toward independent titles.

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