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Some problems Users Experienced With The Wii U

Now that the Nintendo Wii U has been out for a few weeks, I am starting to hear about real world problems encountered by users. Here, I will discuss Wii U bugs and glitches that I have heard or read about, and what’s being done to address them.
First, the Wii U TVii feature, originally slated to be available at the November 18 launch of the Wii U, has now been pushed off for at least a few weeks. The TVii element of the Wii U lets you use the GamePad to browse and program recordings from satellite and cable, as well as from YouTube and other video on demand sites. TVii also lets you comment and share on Facebook, Twitter, and Miiverse. Furthermore, it let’s the user utilize the GamePad to access information about programs and sports, including reviews, trailers, live stats, and more. So what is Nintendo saying? They are currently stating that TVii will be available in December; but then again, they were saying it would be available at launch, right up until the launch date. We will have to wait and see.
Some users have reported the Wii U has a glitch with the GamePad screen. It has been reported the touch screen is not sensitive enough, and sometimes doesn’t register their finger movement. The reason is that the touch screen on the GamePad is resistive, instead of capacitive. Smart phones and tablet computers have capacitive screens. The resistive screen on the GamePad requires a little more pressure for the movement to register. It takes a little getting used to; but once you do, it’s no problem at all.
One of the first things you have to do after hooking up the Wii U is perform a system update. It gives users access to the Nintendo eShop, Miiverse, & video chatting; and enables backward compatibility for older Wii games. It is massive, and can take an hour or more to download the update. I spoke to a couple of people who lost power in the middle of update process, and as a result, the console was “bricked” or no longer functional. In fact, Ben Fritz, who is a reporter for the LA Times, tweeted that he experienced a power interruption during the download, and that his console is now bricked as a result. It’s also possible that an interruption in your internet connection might give way to the same problem. Nintendo hasn’t made any official comment on bricked consoles, but all Wii U’s are covered by a 12 month warranty that comes standard. Thus, users should definitely be able to get any bricked system replaced under that warranty. Getting a replacement console, however, might take a while. The president of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata has now said that he regrets Wii U users having to do an update on day one of using the console. Furthermore, he says that the amount of time the download takes is not acceptable. He said that he thinks a user should have the ability to utilize all functions of a new video game console as soon as they open the package. He also stated that he’s sorry some of the services, like TVii, were not available at the launch date.
Some consumers have balked at purchasing the Wii U because of the GamePad’s interface. Satoru also addressed this issue. He said that when Nintendo has introduced new UI’s (user interfaces) in the past, potential buyers have been skeptical. Yet once people experienced the UI’s, they soon became standards of the industry. He said that it’s difficult to market features that are difficult to comprehend unless the user touches and experiences the attributes for themselves. This is absolutely the case with the Wii U, because of its unparalleled potential for entertainment.
The TVii features should be coming online in the next month or so, and the touch screen just takes a short time to master. Thus the only major problem is the large system update, but if you don’t lose power or internet connection during the download, that is a relatively minor inconvenience that can be overlooked. If more problems are reported, I’ll follow up on those, and the solutions presented by Nintendo. Until then, happy gaming!

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