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A quick review of some popular Wii U games

From reading articles and reviews on this site, you now know all about the Wii U console and GamePad. So now let’s talk about the games. Here are three of the most popular games, and what people are saying about them. I will also add some of my own feed back on each as I have personally tested them out as well. If you have some additional Wii U games you would like reviewed, please contact me via this site and I will see about doing a write up.

Transformers Prime: The Game has garnered much attention, as it is one of the few solely Nintendo Wii U games just recently introduced. It stays true to the animated television series. The story mode is evenly divided among the core Autobot heroes. Optimus Prime, of course, headlines the intro tutorial teaching combat controls. Then Arcee, the female motorcycle bot leads Mission 2, followed by Bulkhead in Mission number 3, and Bumblebee in Mission 4. There’s a great variety of gameplay among different missions, and each one of the characters has its own special feel. Another aspect of the game packed with variety is the combat system. You can fight the Decepticons in the traditional melee up close, you can shoot enemies from a distance with lasers, or use a combination of the two. An additional unique feature of Transformers Prime: The Game is that you have the option of transforming into the vehicle within the fight. You can speed toward your enemy in vehicle mode, transform in robot mode and punch them, then back into vehicle mode to speed away. This is the first time a Transformers video game has so elegantly incorporated the ability to transform. The GamePad tracks your stats, including damage you have endured, elapsed time in the mission, and the number of items you have collected.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is absolutely one of the most celebrated games available on the Wii U. The narrative changes in time, as well as among different characters’ perspectives. For instance, the Cold War missions center on Sgt. Frank Woods and Alex Mason from the original Black Ops, whereas the 2025 missions are based on Alex’s son David’s experience. One of the most innovative additions to this version is a player’s choices, and the consequences of those choices. Instead of failing a mission resulting in a restart screen, it could mean a more difficult mission is ahead of you. The Wii U GamePad offers some very useful options, like changing your class without entering the start screen; and using the GamePad as your minimap, even if you are using another controller for shooting, etc. You can play split screen multiplayer online without splitting the screen. Instead of playing two people on one screen, you can use the GamePad as the screen for the second player.

Nintendo Land has been billed as doing for the Wii U, what Wii Sports did for the original Wii. It is a compilation of 12 mini-games presented as a theme park with 12 different attractions. Some you might recognize, like Zelda, Donkey Kong, and Mario; while others are a little more obscure, like F-Zero and Balloon Fight. Using your Mii character, you explore the Plaza, or hub, where you can sample the games. There is a robot companion named Monita, who serves as an impassive guide, and is very funny. I had just as much fun playing alone as I did with a group of my friends, which makes it unlike most collections of minigames, which require group play to provide enjoyment. The HD graphics make everything in this game look sharp, shiny, and colorful. Each game uses the GamePad in a unique way, and showcases the GamePad in a terrific light.

I would recommend getting any or all of these games, as I enjoyed them immensely myself. If you have not already now is the time to buy a wii U!

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